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Breatheable All Weather Car Covers

Breatheable Car CoversThese lightweight, breathable covers are ideal for cars in daily use where protection is required under trees, from birds and the weather. They can be put on a wet car, and the Breatheable fabric enables moisture to escape. They are 90-95% waterproof, made from a fabric that naturally resists rot and mildew. Covers provide UV protection and keep cars cool, packing into a small carry bag (supplied). Elasticated front & rear plus click fastening strap(s) under the car secure it.

We have supplied these covers for over 7 years and they consistently outperform cheap covers purchased from High Street stores. These covers are recommended where a vehicle is used all year round and especially for convertibles.

LSR-A Breatheable Outdoor cover Size A £102.00 Add to
Suitable for Lotus Elise, Mazda MX-5, TVR Chimaera/Griffith/new Tuscan, Caterham 7 and similar sized cars
LSR-B Breatheable Outdoor cover Size B £105.00 Add to
Suitable for Golf Mk I, Porsche 911 to 996, 944, 968, Boxster, Ferrari 246, Dino and simiilar sized cars
LSR-C Breatheable Outdoor cover Size C £107.00 Add to
Suitable for Maserati 3200, Lotus Esprit, Mercedes SL, Lexus IS200/250, Golf ('03 on), Porsche 928, Ferrari 275, Boxer, 308, 328, 348, F355, F430, 550/575, 612, Mondial and similar sized cars
LSR-D Breatheable Outdoor cover Size D £110.00 Add to
Suitable for Mercedes CLK, Jaguar XK/XK8/S-Type/XJS, BMW 5-series, Lamborghini Gallardo, Maserati 4200 Ferrari 250, Daytona, 360, 456, 400/412, Testarossa/512, 612 and similar sized cars
LSR-E Breatheable Outdoor cover Size E £115.00 Add to
Suitable for Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes E-Class, Lexus LS400 and similar sized cars
LSR-F Breatheable Outdoor cover Size F £118.00 Add to
Suitable for Bentley Arnage/Turbo R, Rolls Royce Phantom VI, and similar sized car
LSR-X Custom fit Breatheable outdoor cover £229.00 Add to
Specially tailored to suit your car. Breatheable cover can be put on wet car.

Cable LockCable Lock - Loop this lockable cable through your car cover's grommets for ideal security. The Lock and Cable keeps your car cover on your vehicle when high winds, vandals and thieves pass through.

Made of a sturdy steel cable that’s wrapped in vinyl, the cover lock completes the protection provided by your car cover. Ideal for long-term storage or if your car is parked on the road.

Cable lock - £10.00 - Add To Basket

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