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Official Ferrari Calendar 2010

Order OnlineWe are the exclusive UK Agents for the Official Ferrari Calendar 2010. You can order via our website or via the producers who will forward orders to us for UK despatch.

Official Ferrari Calendar 2010 FERRARI MYTH

NUMBERED AND LIMITED EDITION: 7,000 copies worldwide

Official Ferrari Calendar 2010FORMAT: c. 70 x 50 cm PRICE: £59.90 (UK mainland despatch included)
From the very beginning there was pure emotion, fire and passion. That is why there could only be one engine configuration for the first car that bore Enzo Ferraris name: a V12. It had just one purpose - to win races! It is here, in sporting competition, that the Ferrari legend has its roots. Magnificent technology, countless triumphs on all the race tracks in the world and the Grandiose of Ferrari sports cars have held enthusiasts spellbound ever since. With its fantastic photographs, the Official Ferrari Calendar Ferrari Myth is a breathtaking as a Ferrari itself. The calendar is the gallery for this fascination - up close and intimate. Yet the Ferrari Myth fulfils this dream for just a small, exclusive group of connoisseurs. The Official Ferrari Calendar is individually numbered and strictly limited worldwide. Take a look at the photographs and leaf through its pages.
Cost: £59.90
Order OnlineOrder Online: Easy on-line ordering in English here [] for immediate dispatch from our UK warehouse


Official Ferrari Calendar 2010 ROSSO CORSA FERRARI

Official Ferrari Calendar 2010FORMAT: c. 60 x 42 cm PRICE: £24.90 (UK mainland despatch included)
In motor sport we experience passion as the origin of absolute dedication and outstanding performance. This sport thrives from people, their stories, their charisma and their personalities. The Scuderia Ferrari is the only racing team to have been actively involved without fail in Formula 1 since 1950 - for over 60 years!
The official Scuderia Ferrari Calendar Rosso Corsa therefore includes a few thrilling moments from this infinite success story. Jacky Ickx, Niki Lauda, Giles Villeneuve, Alain Prost and the phenomenal Michael Schumacher, come together with current races in Rosso Corsa. With Rosso Corsa you can experience the triumphant moments on the race tracks in your own home, via the exclusive photographic selection of the top Formula 1 photographers.
Cost: £24.90

Order OnlineOrder Online: Easy on-line ordering in English here [] for immediate dispatch from our UK warehouse

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