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Maserati covers for indoor & outdoor protection

Wherever you keep your Maserati you need to protect it from knocks, scrapes, dust, damp, birds and the elements. If you've invested time and money in making your car look its best, you want it to stay that way. We supply standardised fit or custom covers, indoor and outdoor, to suit every type, from Merak and Ghibli to 3200GT, 4200GT and Quattroporte..


Soft Indoor covers

Indoor covers protect the car whilst in your garage against knocks, scrapes, dust and minor accidents. Standard fit poly-cotton covers come in powder blue, and Custom Made covers are made of a thick cotton acrylic with a soft fleece lining in any colour. They are fully Breatheable, and Scotchguard treatment protects the car and cover against drips of water. Choose a standard fit cover from the table below, or have one custom made for your individual Maserati.

Standard fit, in light blue, includes a zip (with flap to prevent scratches), which allows you to enter the car without removing your car cover. They are 'car shaped' and each end is elasticated so the car cover won’t slip off. Standard fit is delivered overnight. Logo available, additional £30.

Standard Fit ROSSO - as per Standard Fit but exclusively made for us a soft cotton winceyette, in Size C and D, modelled on low slung sports cars. Logo available, additional £30.

Custom made covers are individually hand made to order for each car and can have pockets for wing mirrors, spoilers, phone aerials etc. The material is a thicker, padded and slightly stretchy, the very best available, which hugs your bodywork. They are made in your choice of 16 colours and you can choose a matching or contrasting piping. When ordering, please specify in the space provided for notes what model you have and any bodykit etc. Please note: choice of colours available only in Indoor Covers. Logo available, additional £30.

Custom colours available: Silver, royal blue, black, navy blue, purple, stone, British Racing green, white, lime green, sky blue, burgundy, red, old gold, orange, grey and yellow.

To choose the correct size cover for your car if not listed in the table, please select from the database below:


Model Maserati Indoor Cover Code Price Order
3200GT, Ghibli GT, Bora, Merak, Mistral, Khamsin, Mexico, BiTurbo Spider SIC-C £102.00 Add To
4200GT coupe/spider, Quattroporte (all), Ghibli, Kyalami, Indy, 3500GT SIC-D £105.00 Add To

Breatheable Outdoor Covers

Ideal for cars in every day use as they can be put on a wet car. The Breatheable fabric allows moisture to escape, but they are typically 95-98% waterproof. They are hand made, with welded seams and reinforced side grommets with 2 straps to tie the cover down. The fabric naturally resists rot and mildew and they are Guarranteed for 12 months. They come in a bag so you can pack them easily and store when not in use or travelling. Logo not available.

Your choice again is standard fit or custom-made covers. The material is the same, a tough silver Breatheable fabric.

Model Maserati Breatheable outdoor covers Code Price Order
3200GT, Ghibli GT, Bora, Merak, Mistral, Khamsin, Mexico, BiTurbo Spider LSR-C £107.00 Add To
4200GT coupe/spider, Quattroporte (all), Ghibli, Kyalami, Indy, 3500GT LSR-D £110.00 Add To
Custom made breathable cover LSR-X £225.00 Add To

Heavy Duty Outdoor Covers

Our heavy duty, 100% waterproof grey vinyl car covers are ideal for cars left outside for long periods, where they are put under cover dry. If you will be using the car occasionally and it may be wet, we recommend a Breatheable Outdoor Cover as it allows the car to breathe.
The vinyl fabric is UV and frost treated with a soft cotton lining. Covers have welded seams so water won't leak through and vents reduce condensation build up. They attach with strong elastic front and rear, adjustable straps, and elasticated bungee hooks on each corner. Guaranteed for twelve months, supplied with a storage bag and an optional cable lock. Logo is not available on these as the stitching lets water in!

Model Maserati heavy duty outdoor covers Code Price Order
3200GT, Ghibli, Merak, Khamsin, BiTurbo Spider HDW-M £163.00 Add To
4200GT coupe/spider, Bora, Ghibli GT, Mexico, Mistral, 3500GT HDW-L £172.00 Add To
Quattroporte (all), Ghibli (67-73), Kyalami, Indy HDW-LL £180.00 Add To

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