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Welcome to CarCoverShop, a specialist site dedicated to helping you protect and preserve your car. We provide superior soft cotton car covers for indoor use and Breatheable and fully waterproof car covers for outdoor use. We offer standard fit and custom made covers to fit all cars.

All our cover types and options are explained in overview and detail here. If your marque is covered by the specialist pages indicated on the right, go there first, if not use the database to select the perfect cover below. Note that our own UK manufactured ROSSO covers for most Ferraris, Porsches and Jaguar are also suitable for other sports cars. These offer a customised cover for each specific model at around £150 - better fit than our standard covers at around £100, and lower cost for a really good looking cover than fully custom made. These are stock covers, so no or little wait. Also available in tailored fully waterproof fabric around £295 - in a choice of colours, which is unique.

All new covers available in custom waterproof or soft peachskin indoor breathable fabrics

NEW - Aston Martin V8 Vantage, DBS and DB9

NEW - Lamborghini Gallardo, Aventador and Murcielago, Jaguar XJ6 (X300), Audi Q7, Mercedes SL, SLK, Mazda MX-5 (Mk 3), Fiat Abarth

NEW - Lotus 340R waterproof custom £275, also indoor peachskin £140

NEW - Ferrari FF, F12. 360 Challenge stripes added for £75 per set

NEW - Bentley Continental GTC (2013), Arnage

NEW IN STOCK - Standard fit outdoor breathable covers for Volkswagen Campervans, types T2, T3, T4, T5 and T25. £120 inc vat, please phone to order.

Bespoke commissions: we specialise in specials - from priceless Italian marble statues, outdoor artworks, sundials, State coaches, boats and classic cars. Recent projects: unique 1896 Panhard Levassor Omnibus, Olympian Lord Burghleys coachbuilt 1926 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. We can manufacture from pictures and dimension info.

We ship silky Reveal, Launch or Handover covers worldwide in virtually ANY colour. We carry silver, black, red in stock, mid-green and blue usually too. We supply many dealerships and agencies.

New in stock : Gap Stop - universal, flexible garage door seals to increase the efficiency of your dehumidifier and keep leaves, dust and rain outside. Easy DIY fit. [details]


Ordering is simple and quick, backed by efficient delivery and helpful, knowledgeable customer service. Please contact us on 01780-749449 if you require any further information or assistance.

And check out the additional products we stock such as dehumidifiers, door protectors, car ‘bubbles’ and more. Full range of CTEK and Accumate Battery Conditioners in stock.

To choose the correct size cover for your car if not listed on its own page, please select from the database below. For models not listed please phone or e-mail us.


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