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Caravan Covers - Breathable and Water Resistant Caravan Covers for all sizes of caravan, in GREEN

Our caravan covers are manufactured from high quality, heavy duty 4 ply polypropylene fabric. These Caravan Covers offer the best possible protection for your caravan against wind, rain and airborne pollution at a great low price! The fabric is exactly the same on either colour.

Caravan Covers - Breathable and Water Resistant Caravan Covers for all sizes of caravanOur covers are Breathable and offer protection from UV, with superior water resistance and protection from the elements for your caravan. So, they keep your van free of bird mess, tree sap, verdigris, moss, mould, leaves and general dirt which takes so long to remove in the spring. Simply covering your touring caravan with a cover can save hours of work!

The design and lining will not scratch windows nor dull paintwork.

All covers have elasticated hems to provide a snug fit in addition to nylon straps with buckles to fasten the cover firmly over your caravan. It will not blow off.

Zip openings on the near side allow easy access to the door and interior of the caravan without needing to remove the cover completely.Designed for UK caravans with nearside positioned door.

Height and width: 228.6cm, 7'7"

The fabric is soft on the inside and has a breathable membrane which allows you to apply the cover to a wet caravan without risk of mould growing inside.

Includes storage bag for when the caravan cover is not in use.

Six sizes for a perfect fit (excludes A-frame) - Available in Green only now.

GREEN: Six sizes for a perfect fit (excludes A-frame)


up to 14 feet (up to 4.1m)

531 Green CC1G £155 Add to basket

14-17 feet (4.1m-5m) Due Mid-Dec. '2020

532 Green CC2G £169 Add to basket

17-19 feet (5-5.6m)

533 Green CC3G £185 Add to basket

19-21 feet (5.6-6.2m)

534 Green CC4G £199 Add to basket

21-23 feet (6.2-6.8m)

535 Green CC5G £219 Add to basket

23-25 feet (6.8-7.4m) 1 IN STOCK

536 Green CC6G £235 Add to basket


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