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The Ready Made Garage -

'Garage on Tracks'

A truly innovative solution to outdoor car storage if you don’t have a permanent garage but have space for one. This sturdy metal framed car cover runs on large nylon wheels or tracks and easily pulls over your car to make a waterproof garage. The Garage on Tracks is perfect for storing your car outside at home or work

Simply drive your car into its space and draw the cover over – no effort is required so it’s suitable for all. When not in use the cover folds back in a neat concertina style about 1m deep. Or simply leave it in situ as a semi-permanent garage.

The cover, when rolled out, is secured to either the ground or surrounding structures. Its of modified version of thesystem in use at major football stadia for players to enter the field.

Standard size: 4.8m long, 1.8m tall, 2.4m wide.

How good is this for car dealers to store prepared cars prior to handover, or away from prying eyes and bird mess ? The front entry curtain simply attaches with strong elastic loops onto hooks.

The fabric is 100% waterproof extremely high grade fabric, guaranteed for 5 years, unlike cheaper alternative marine fabrics which are not suyitable for prolonge doutdoor use. All seams are electronically welded for waterproofness.

See note at the foot of the page regarding a different UK company that purports to supply a similar product.

Bespoke sizing is available. Designed to fit in a UK standard 2.4m wide parking space.

Please contact us for your preferred size outdoor Car Cover.

Choice of standard colours - champagne, grey, green

No contact with your car - study aluminium frame on rollers

  • Compresses into a neat 1m deep unit when not in use.
  • No planning permission required (to the best of our knowledge)
  • Cheaper than a garage, and portable – take it with you if you move !
  • Options: colours, clear sections, tracks,
  • bespoke heights and lengths available - for length, simply add an extra 1.2m long bay.

In stock:

Custom sized unit, on wheels:

Colour - Mid grey
Length - 5,60 m
Width – 2,60 m
Height – 1,70 m (ridge height 2,05m)

Price: £2,595 inc vat Please phone to order this unit.


*please note you have to fix down the track at the securing point at the front to allow the frame to lock into place when deployed


Ready Made Garage Ready Made Garage

Key features which make this superior to other products:

  • In stock for fast delivery – no long lead times.
  • Order today, delivery in approximately 14 working days.
  • Supplied pre-assembled so ready to deploy on delivery. Easy to install.
  • Quick turnaround for custom sizes is approximately only 2 to 3 weeks.
  • 100% waterproof top grade fabric with a colour fast guarantee for 5 years.
  • Options to have clear panels at no extra cost.
  • Professionally made system by substantial company which makes all components and assemblies in-house.
  • Includes locking arms each side.

Exactly the same system is used at several sports stadiums for the players tunnels e.g. at Manchester United, Preston North End, Oxford United, Chesterfield FC, Fiorentina. These are the wheeled systems.

Fabric is superior quality heavyweight PVC, waterproof, and guaranteed for 5 years. Superstructure is 100% anodized aluminium for lightness, durability and strength. The metal frame is 40mm x 35mm profile. Wheels are Nylon.

Individual components are CE certified and the product is supplied ready assembled from our European supplier.

Sliding doors at BOTH ends are provided as standard – so you can place this roll out garage in front of an existing garage or building for tunnel-type access.

One standard size which fits most cars: 4.8m long x 1.8m hig x 2.4m wide.

Fabric specification, inc. Quality Standards numbers

550 g/m2
EN ISO 2286·2
250/180 daN/5 cm
EN ISO 1421
25/20 daN
DIN 53.363
-30°C +70°C 10 DaN/5 cm
EN ISO 2411
·ADR Cl. 2
UNI 8456
UNI 9174

Colours: White, Champagne, Mid-Grey, Green

Prices for 4.8m x 2.6m x1.8m high unit:

Option 1 - £2,399 (incl VAT)

Frame bolted down at the rear and has side attachment straps ideal for temporary locations or close by rail or fence. Wheeled. Easy to pull on solid ground.

Option 2 - £3,399 (incl VAT)

Frame bolted at rear and also a stainless steel lift-proof track down both sides.

 Carriage: delivery is £200 due to size, weight and awkward dimensions Add to basket


Colour: White Champagne Mid-Grey Green
Option 1 - £2,399 Add to basket Add to basket Add to basket Add to basket
Option 2 - £3,399 Add to basket Add to basket Add to basket Add to basket

Ready Made Garage Ready Made Garage Ready Made Garage Ready Made Garage Ready Made Garage

Note that we are no longer agents for a similar UK-made product. We believe our product is superior. We are have a County Court judgement dated 24 April 2020 for £12,222.64 against that company for return of payments made for orders not supplied under contract. It has not been possible to serve this judgement as the company has folded with a fraudulent address and fictitious Director listed.

We are not the only company/individual who is owed money or product by this Plymouth-based individual which sets up companies under different names, then is struck off by Companies House due to non-filing of statutory accounts.

We would warn strongly against any dealings with that company. Copy of the Judgement available upon request.

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