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Covercraft Cable Lock £12 Add to
Covercraft Cable Lock Cable Kit

Loop this lockable cable through your car covers' grommets for ideal security againsy theft of your car cover.

The Lock and Cable keeps your car cover on your vehicle when high winds, vandals and thieves pass through. Made of a sturdy steel cable that’s wrapped in vinyl, the cover lock completes the protection provided by your car cover. Apply under the car.

Ideal for long-term storage or if your car is parked on the road. Not suitable for Half Covers.

Covercraft Gust Guard £16.99 Add to
Covercraft Cable Lock Cable Kit

Covers should NOT be used in high wind conditions but sometimes you need to leave your vehicle covered for extended periods of time (airport, holiday etc.) in locations where wind gusts could be a problem. Gust Guard™ helps hold your cover in place and is easy to install.

The kit includes components to make two adjustable security cords that clamp to the hem in front of the front tyres and behind the rear tyres. When wind gusts get under the cover the Gust Guard helps reduce the possibility of the front and rear of the cover coming loose.

Cargo Transport Net £66 Add to

This is the solution to transporting a treasured vehicle, whilst covered, on an open trailer. Any car cover, unless made for the job at huge cost, will billow into a balloon shape when you get moving and rip itself to shreds within a few miles. Simply attach one of our cargo nets over your car cover and your cover will stay down and stand a far better chance of arriving in one piece. And your race car, classic or Concours entrant will be as it was when it left your garage. Use two nets for extra long or tall vehicles. They are 5m x 4m, weatherproof 23mm nylon in a 10cm square mesh. Bungee tie downs required but not supplied.

Permit Window Kit - only for customers buying a cover from us

If you need to display a residents parking permit or your number plate when your car is covered up, you'll need one of these. Simply cover your car, having placed a marker on the screen in the centre of the desired area (blue tack for instance) and cut out a pane of fabric before sticking the self-adhesive window seals around the hole.
We have limited supply and can only honour orders from customers buying a cover from us. All others will be refunded. Sorry.

Permit Window Kit £5 Add to
Number Plate Window Kit £10 Not available
Larger Window Kit For Number Plates £POA Not available
Car Cover Logo £30 Add to

Add a logo to any cover for £30 (please fill in the free format box at checkout)

Club or manufacturers logo can be added in some cases - i.e. for Franchised dealers, or Clubs or your own personal non-copyright design eg name, number plate.

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