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Cushioned self-adhesive car door protection system

Cushioned car door protectionA simple concept for protecting your car doors and bumpers against accidental damage, dents, chipped paint work and scratches!

The Race Glaze Door Pad, purpose made from high-density foam, adheres directly on the garage wall in the position most appropriate for your vehicle.

Cushioned car door protectionThe Door Pad has a powerful self-adhesive backing, so no screws, nails or tools are required. The adhesive sticks reliably to brick, stud, concrete etc, inside or outside – so there is no need to be a DIY expert. You can fit a Door Pad almost anywhere - many customers fit 2 – one at the end of their garage to protect the bumper and one where their door opens.

Cushioned car door protectionEach Door Pad meaures 100cm x 50cm and is 25mm thick, to provide excellent protection. If necessary they can be cut to size with a sharp knife to fit around pillars, alcoves etc.

Cushioned car door protectionIt takes only a moment of lost concentration or an over zealous child swinging a door open for your pristine paintwork to be ruined by that ever present wall, but you can fit a Raceglaze Door Protector Pad in just seconds. Once in position it will serve you for years. Buy one (or two) now, before you damage your car!

Many architects and builders are installing them in garage build or refurbishment projects for car collectors. They are ideal also for shared underground car parks with thick pillars.

Note that the colour of the stripe can vary.

Due to size we can only ship these out by courier and a tiered pricing structure has had to be computed, so please order with care.

We are trying to keep prices down, so the more you buy the lower each unit cost will be, and orders of 4 or more pads with be at the rate for 3 pads plus additional pads at £18.99. Note that all deliveries will be Next Working Day.

Also, we cannot ship outside the UK within our standard rates due to very high carraige costs. Please contact us for a carriage quote for overseas shipping.


Cushioned door protection pad x 1 1000x500x25mm £22.99 Add to basket


Cushioned door protection pad x 2 1000x500x25mm £20.99 ea Add to basket


Cushioned door protection pad x 3 1000x500x25mm £19.99 ea Add to basket


Cushioned door protection pad - each additional pad above 3. Please add the first 3 pads into your basket using code RG-DP03 first. 1000x500x25mm £18.99 ea Add to basket


Self-adhesive car bump protection pad - apply to the end and sides of your garage to prevent dents and paint scrapes when you drive your car in and open the doors. 100cm x 50cm, 2.5cm thick. Exclusively made for us. Delivery in UK only unless by prior arrangement..

Beware visually similar copycat products – thinner, smaller dimensions, not 100% adhesive backed, and more expensive!

Protective wing Covers

For further protetection against scratching or scuffing your car with tools, belts or clothing when working on it, these large, non-slip Wing (or Fender Covers) are perfectly suited to professional mechanics, DIY or home workshops and detailers working on engine bays.

The non-slip mesh rubber backing on a tough, waterproof nylon top with properly finished edging protects your paintwork and will keep everything pristine underneath. Its also provides light padding and protection from oils and chemicals. No magnets and therefore is just as effective on fibreglass cars. Machine washable.

                                            Protective car wing workshop cover on Porsche Boxster

Many different designs to choose from - just state which you'd like in the free format box at Checkout.

  • Maserati Wing Cover, dark blue, with Trident logo                       
  • Jaguar Wing Cover, green, with Jaguar logo and leaper                 
  • Ferrari Wing Cover, red, with word Ferrari (short F)                      
  • Alfa Romeo Wing Cover, dark blue, with classic round Alfa logo    
  • Porsche Wing Cover, light grey with stylised 911 outline logo        
  • Aston Martin Wing Cover, black with silver wings logo                   
  • Lotus Wing Cover, green, with yellow Lotus logo                           
  • Vauxhall Wing Cover, black, with Griffin logo  

Size: 88cm wide, 50cm tall (35" x 20")    Price: £24.99 each   Add to basket


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