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Waterproof Car Half or Top Covers

Waterproof Car Half or Top Covers

If you don’t want a full size car cover but do want to save time on winter mornings scraping your windscreen, or want to keep tree sap, branches, leaves, cats and bird muck off a cabriolet, saloon, sports, MPV or 4x4 car, this is the answer.

They are very durable and a great way to protect your vehicle from frost, and are heat-resistant to help keep the interior cool during the summer. Our half covers include fabric wing mirror pockets for easy fitting and long elastic front and rear straps to help secure the cover to your vehicle under its bumpers. They are available for sports, saloons, hatchbacks, 4x4 and also estate vehicles. One colour, a sensible silvery grey.

  • Keeps frost, ice and snow off your windscreen and side windows.
  • Easy to put on and effective
  • Protects against leaky roofs - waterproof.
  • Elasticated mirror pockets plus bungee straps front and back keeps it secure.
  • Silver waterproof polyester fabric.
  • Heatproof - keeps interior cool in summer.
  • Comes with a neat carrying bag.
  • Folds away to a very small package for ease of storage.
  • Fabric is waterproof, not breathable
  • Permit Windows available for DIY fitment at £5

Note: seams are stitched and there may be a small ingress of water from the stitching holes only.

Cable locks are not suitable for Half Covers as they are intended to go under the car and are not long enough for half covers.

You might like to know that we rate these top covers highly. They are withstanding the gales outside very well!

Chris Knowles, KWE Jaguar (8/2/2016)


Size XS


For Mazda MX-5, BMW Z3, Mercedes SLK £52.00 Add to basket

Size S


For Audi A3 and TT, Peugeot 107, Porsche 911/Boxster, Mini, Peugeot 207CC £54.00 Add to basket

Size M


For Ford Focus, BMW 1-series, Audi A4, VW Golf £56.00 Add to basket

Size L


4x4 such as Range Rover, XC60, estate cars £58.00 Add to basket

Size MPV


BMW 3/5 series, Mercedes C/E Class etc £60.00 Add to basket

Note that Cable Locks are not long enough to fit these covers.


If your hood is dirty, we recommend using Renovo Fabric Hood Cleaner.

This will clean off dirt, algae, mould & stains, and its fungicide and bactericide will prevent regrowth.

Simply paint on, scrub lightly and hose off.

500ml will easily clean 2 hoods for £13.25

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