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In-garage dehumidifiers for car storage - brilliant also for cellars, offices, home, workshops, museums

To keep your garaged car in perfect condition you need to ensure that the air around it is dry – a cover will keep dust off and prevent scratches, and a dehumidifier sucks moisture from the air to help prevent rust. Used together, ensure the cover allows air to move around the car. Dehumidifiers can also be used inside a sealed Airchamber or Carcoon to lower humidity rapidily and maintain it at very low cost.

 DehumidifiersWe stock in-garage dehumidifiers suitable for single cars or collections of cars, including large double, triple and quadruple garages. Multiple machines can be used to work in larger spaces.

See a complete [ comparison table here ].

All are suitable for the UK and are specially selected by us for use in Garages. They incorporate automatic controls that constantly check the relative humidity and temperature and adjust the airflow to prevent mildew, condensation, damp and mould. You can seal the garage with Gap Stop aftermarket seals available from us - a draughty garage will just made the unit work harder for longer, but is still suitable for dehumidifier usage.

All our dehumidifiers are also suitable for domestic use inside your home - steamy bathrooms, laundry rooms, older damp houses and storage rooms such as cellars, for damp flats and holiday homes. We also supply dehumidifers for museums, country houses and theatres. In heated environments the compressor machines such as Meaco 10L and 20L are highly effective, but they are not suitable for garages etc.

Adsorption Dehumidifiers work by rotating a plate of desiccant crystals past a heating element which draws off the moisture. Refrigerant or Compressor-based machines draw in air to condense on a cold plate where it is drawn off. It sub-zero temperature this plate freezes, rendering these machines totally ineffective in garages etc. It is this kind of machine that is typically sold in DIY stores and is NOT suitable for unheated garages.

Adsorption machines are more effective at low British temperatures in unheated spaces. Our dehumidifers are suitable for other applications like homes, holiday cottages, boats, caravans, cellars, sheds, storage units and garages.

  • Please note we can ship dehumidifiers outside the UK by special arrangement.
  • FREE 25L water barrel for extra tank capacity for our customers - see last item in product table below.

X-Dry / XDry Dehumidifier - We now recommend the Meaco DD8L Junior- SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS

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Meaco 20L

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier

WHICH? BEST BUY 2014/15/16/17

£249.99 Add to basket

Number one dehumidifier in the Which? dehumidifier tests. The cheaper way to combat mould, condensation and damp in medium to 5 bedroom houses, max. 20 litre/day extraction. Just 255 watts rated power consumption - 3.88p/hour based on 15.32p/kWh. Digital display to show you the current room reading, Variable humidistat from 30 to 80%rh is 5%rh steps.

Two year warranty as standard, optional 5 year warranty, Optional HEPA filter for cleaner air


Meaco 25L Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier £294.99 Add to basket

Very high daily extraction rate, high air flow and an energy efficient compressor make the Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier the most viable alternative to the tumble dryer available.

At just 270 watts running costs this dehumidifier extracts water cheaper than any other 25 litre on the market and the beauty of a DC Motor is that the harder you work the dehumidifier the less energy it uses.

As well as being great at drying laundry the 25L makes a sensible choice for anyone needing a dehumidifier for a larger home or a storage space.  There are four modes to choose from;

Humidistat Mode – choose your target relative humidity between 30 and 80%rh

Laundry Mode – makes use of the 280m³/hour fan speed to dry your clothes

Quiet mode – reduces the fan speed to low and turns off the bleeper

Auto mode – regulates the compressor and fan speed depending on the room humidity to maintain a comfortable environment.

Additionally the Meaco 25L features a child lock, an ioniser to help clean the air and auto-restart to remember it’s settings after a power cut.Uses less energy per litre than any other Meaco dehumidifier with its unique DC Motor, the first of it's kind in Europe


Zambezi Meaco Zambezi Dehumidifier - lowest UK price! £219.95 Add to basket
The latest hi-tech domestic dehumidifier, feature packed, 8L daily capacity. Quiet & sophisticated. Digital display, timers, laundry mode, economical settings. For up to 5 bedroom home.


Meaco 10L Meaco 10L Compressor Dehumidifier


Add to basket
Very stylish, quiet compressor dehumidifier perfect for heated flats & small homes. Electronic controls. Extracts 10 litres per day.


DD8L JUNIOR DD8L JUNIOR Dessicant Dehumidifier


Add to basket

Otherwise identical to the DD8L, the Junior dispenses with the Ioniser and Silver Nano Filter to reduce your purchase cost. Fully automatic, it switches to monitoring status when pre-set humidity is reached to lower your running costs. Permanent drain. No hose supplied - requires 8mm internal, 11mm external. Sold separately below. Perfect for garages where compressor machines are virtually useless. Our best seller.



Meaco DD8L Dessiccant Dehumidifier

£183.99 Add to basket

The next generation of desiccant dehumidifiers   - adsorption-type, auto restart after power cut, continuous drain, 3 settings including Laundry, inbuilt humidistat turns unit to monitoring mode when your choice of humidity is reached, saving power.


DD8 Bracket Wall Mounting Bracket for DD8L/Junior    £34.99 Add to basket
Wall mounting bracket to solve the problem of where to put your Meaco DD8L or Junior in a tight space.
Made from sturdy steel to support the weight, they also allow a good fall for your continuous drain to operate easily.



DD8L/Junior Dehumidifier Drain Hose   £2 per metre Add to basket
8mm clear plastic pipe for Meaco DD8L & Junior Dehumidifier permanent drain feature. Fixes to outlet inside tank and its threads.
Specify number of metres as the quantity in the basket. One single length of hose will be supplied.


Drain Barrel - FREE!

25L Sturdy Plastic Barrel With Lid    £0.00 Add to basket

If you can't run the permanent drain outside, and want a bigger tank capacity, we offer a FREE 25L sturdy plastic barrel with lid to drain your Meaco Dehumidifier into. Just cut a hole in the top to feed the outlet pipe into. Note that you will have to check and empty it in possibly as little as 3 days.

One per machine ordered from us. No extra carriage in mainland UK standard delivery zones. Not supplied separately to a dehumidifier order.


Meaco DD8L and Meaco DD8L Junior Desiccant Dehumidifier

Perfect for car storage, moisture control in unheated spaces such as garages
, conservatories, cellars, home projects, warehouses/lockups

The next generation of desiccant dehumidifiers has arrived...In response to market demand for new features, theMeaco DD8L has been developed, winning annual contests in magazines like Practical Boat Owner including Best Buy in Winter 2015. We found this an excellent product, our MD using one in his large garage and above, to dry out a new floor in a house.

  1. Offers 8 Litre extraction performance independent of temperature - so perfect for unheated garages, boats, flats, holiday homes, cellars, workshops
  2. Quiet operation – only 39-48dBA
  3. Normal and Turbo modes for rapid drying
  4. Cold temperature optimised so will extract 8 litres per day whatever the temperature
  5. Fully automatic electronic humidistat control plus 2, 4 or 8 hour timer
  6. Tank or continuous drainage – so you can plug it in and forget about it, perfect for garages UP TO 3 or 4 CAR SIZE
  7. Auto restart after power failure, back to previous setting – ideal in unattended areas
  8. Lightweight, compact, stylish good looking machine, no wheels, so stable too
  9. Maintenance free, long life anti-bacterial silver nano air filter supplied
  10. Includes in-built ioniser
  11. CFC free and environmentally friendly – its only output is warm air (10-12 degrees warmer than input air, so a useful & modest heater) and water
  12. Tank capacity 2 Litres with auto cut-off when full, and gravity fed continuous drain option
  13. Dimensions 351mm wide x 188mm deep x 500mm tall
  14. Weight 6.4 Kg – very light compared to hot gas units
  15. Power usage - 30w in standby, 330w in normal and 650w in laundry (high) modes (which you'd not use for car storage) - running costs therefore about 24 hours normal, then standby.

The Meaco DD8L dehumidifier has everything you need for a stylish, quiet, high performance dehumidifier packed with the latest technology. DD8L is perfect for use in cold temperature unheated winter environments like garages, workshops, boats and caravans where at 15 degrees it will outperform a 20L machine.

This desiccant dehumidifier extracts moisture at a constant rate whatever the temperature. A small heating element dries out the rotor to provide continuous operation. The desiccant in the rotor DOES NOT deteriorate with time so the only maintenance needed is periodic cleaning of the intake air filter.

Auto restart after power interruption means you can leave it unattended long term. Continuous drain option using a hose with the machine makes it a great 'plug in and forget' machine.

The DD8L Junior is identical in every way except it loses the expensive Silver Nano filter and Ioniser which are of no benefit to inanimate objects, reducing price by £30. This is our recommended machine for garages, boats etc.

Dehumidifier Drain Hose

Wall Brackets for DD8L/Junior

Wall mounting bracket to solve the problem of where to put your Meaco DD8L or Junior in a tight space.

Made from sturdy steel to support the weight, they also allow a good fall for your continuous drain to operate easily.

£29.99 per set. Order above

Meaco Zambezi domestic dehumidifier

The DD8L Zambezi offers more functionality, more control and more options then any other domestic dehumidifier on the market today. Its the result of three years of intense development and sees the incorporation of several ideas that have come directly from customers themselves. It offers more options that any other home dehumidifier and an attention to detail never seen before, yet is easy to use.

  • Displays the current relative humidity and temperature
  • Select your target relative humidity in 5%rh steps
  • An OFF Timer and an ON Timer
  • Independent selection of three different fan speeds
  • Selection of one of several different louvre swing modes
  • An unique Laundry+ mode that dries washing using less energy than any other desiccant dehumidifier
  • The first every sterilising ioniser to appear on a dehumidifier clinically proven to destroy odours, germs, bacteria, viruses, mould spores, dust mites and dust. Works in a c.10m radius.
  • The first desiccant dehumidifier to have a Timer+ daily Run Timer
  • The first dehumidifier to have a charity tie in. £2 donated to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation for every dehumidifier sold.
  • An anti-mould coating on the tank
  • 'Turn me on warning' when the relative humidity is above 70%rh and you have your Zambezi turned off
  • Auto-restart upon power failure/interruption
  • Unique Meaco Control logic full digital display
  • Meaco 20+ Control to look after your home whilst you are away.
  • Child Lock
  • Super condenser to remove more water for less energy
  • Tilt switch plus more safety features than any other domestic desiccant dehumidifier
  • Anti-bacterial air filter
  • Patented anti-blockage system.
  • Spout drip cover
  • Tank capacity 3 litres.
  • Neat modern case in easy wipe white, weight of 7.8kg, quiet operation (as low as 41db)
The Meaco Zambezi is the perfect dehumidifier for a flat, for help to dry your washing, as a dehumidifier to prevent damp in a large house, one to look after your garage, boat or caravan. Its quite simply the most advanced dehumidifier that you can currently buy.

Buy yours now (above) for Next Day delivery on our Standard Delivery tariff,

if ordered before 2pm

Meaco 10L and 20L- Modern Compressor Dehumidifiers
Perfect for <3 bed homes and flats / larger 5-bed family homes

Above: Meaco 10L domestic dehumidifier

These modern, electronically touch-pad controlled compressor dehumidifiers are quiet and efficient, and excellent value for money. Designed for use in heated environments, perfect for drying laundry for example or keeping on top of older, damper homes, extracting condensation very efficiently. They are easy to use and have low running costs.

How it works:

The excess water in the air around you that is the cause of the condensation/mould and any feeling of a damp chill that you might be suffering from, is drawn into the dehumidifier and passed over a cold coil which forces the excess moisture to condense.  The air is blown back into the room both drier and warmer.  The excess water is collected inside the dehumidifiers internal container.  When this is full the dehumidifier automatically turns off to prevent spillage.

Extraction rate:                         10 (10L) or 20 (20L) litres per day at 30°C and 80%rh

Continuous drain                    Yes – (hose not included)

Humidistat                                Fully electronic

Airflow                                        Up to 88 m/3 hour (nominal)

Filter                                           Yes - anti-bacterial silver nano filter

Noise level                                Max. 46dB

Fan speeds                              Single on 10L, dual on 20L

Operating temperature           5 to 35 C

Tank size                                   2 litre (10L) / 3.5 litre (20L)

Compressor type                     Rotary

Dimensions                              48x29x19cm (10L), 56x26x35 (20L)

Weight                                        8.75kg (10L), 11.8kg (20L)

Refrigerant                                 R134a

Power consumption                 220w (10L), 370w (20L)

Warranty                                    12 months collection warranty, parts & labour

The 10L unit doesn’t have a timer, ioniser or auto restart. The 20L has auto restart and an 8 hour timer plus a very good carrying handle and laundry mode for rapid drying.


Above: Meaco 20L domestic dehumidifier, which is quiet enough for your living areas and perfect for drying laundry


How dehumidifiers work

Adsorbtion dehumidifiers

Adsorbtion dehumidifiers work like this:

  1. Adsorbtion dehumidifiers work like thisMoisture from the air is pushed by a fan over a desiccant carried on a rotor.
  2. Moist desiccant is carried around to a drying sector, where gentle heat drives the water off and into a reservoir.
  3. Dry desiccant moves around ready to take more water from the air.
  4. The water is stored in the integrated tank or taken away by the hose. With no chilled plate which can freeze, its perfect for unheated, unattended spaces like garages.

This technology works well at all temperatures. It has previously only been cost-effective for large commercial applications.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers
Refrigerant dehumidifiers make use of the tendency of water to settle as dew on a cold surface.
Air is passed over a refrigerating element, where moisture condenses and is carried away.
Low cost Refrigerant or compressor based dehumidifiers rely on drawing ambient air over the cold element which, in an unheated environment such as a garage or boat may take a long time to defrost the unit, which is inefficient, power hungry and results in less time actually removing mositure from the air. Inside a heated building or house this is much less of an issue, so our Meaco compressor units, the Meaco 10L and Meaco 20L, very stylish and effective indoors, in house, cottages and flats, do not need a hot gas defrost feature .

Cheap dehumidifiers
Cheap compressor dehumidifiers won't keep your garage dry and your car free from rust and mildew all year round.
This is because the refrigerating element can ice up as the ambient temperature falls. The unit becomes ineffective just at the time you need it most to keep your car dry. And ensure any unit you're considering has the capacity for your garage without having to work flat out all day. Low cost DIY store compressor dehumidifiers usually have fiddly knobs to set whereas our 'made for the job' units have more accurate, easier electronic controls, in-built automatic humidistat, continuous drain and will reset themselves upon power failure.

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