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Drum Kit Satin Dust Covers

Drum kit satin dust cover

As a drummer since 1983, and maker of car covers since 2003, I can’t believe we haven’t made some of these before !

As we all know, dust gets everywhere, and UV dulls cymbals, so here is the solution – UK premium grade 109gsm polyester drum kit covers, supplied in 3 different sizes, in a drawstring bag, from stock/1 week lead time.

The fabric is breathable, soft (we mainly use this for car launches and dealer handovers) and silky. This is premium grade UK spun yarn, woven in the UK, dyed in the UK and made up in our Midlands factory.

Note that it doesn't have to go all the way to the floor.

We also make covers for touring bands - keyboards, guitar amp stacks etc, perfect for covering the headline acts gear while the support plays. Bespoke sizes made quickly in a wide range of colours.


Logos: we can also add band logos, our standard A3 size is £30 each. Full colour, and larger if required. 

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3m x 2m 3m x 3m 4m x 3.5m
£30 £45 £75
     Navy Blue
     Royal Blue
     Sky Blue
     Bottle Green
     Bright Green

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