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           PVC Garage Floor Tiles                         tiles

  • PVC Garage Floor Tiles
  • Tough interlocking 4mm or 5mm tiles with a visible join, or 7mm Dovetail garage tiles with no visible join
  • Quick and easy to self-install at 10m/sq per hour with a mallet
  • Durable – resist impact, moisture, abrasion
  • Warm & comfortable underfoot
  • Install over uneven or dirty floors
  • Chemical & oil resistant
  • Absorbs sound and impact
  • Create & change patterns easily
  • Colours: grey, black, red, white, blue, yellow, orange, green
  • Made in the UK from virgin material.
  • Tiles are 50cm square, so 4 per m/sq.

Create the perfect flooring for your classic, modern or collection in your garage for less than you think – take the opportunity to create patterns in colours to match the cars. Three options of tiles, all installed simply with a mallet on your existing floor surface without the need to do any extra work.

Choose from 4mm or 5mm dovetail joint tiles, or leather-effect seamless 7mm tiles. Note that your order will be heavy and need a pallet for delivery, hence an additional carraige charge applies to garage floor tile orders.

Total UK mainland shipping is £60 inc vat - we will contact you after order for the difference to your selected shipping rate.

For other destinations, please contact us.


4mm Visible Join Tiles

Black and Grey 4mm - £27.99 per sq/m

Please enter the number of square meters you require:

4mm Tiles Black sq/m

4mm Tiles Grey sq/m


Colours 4mm - £32.99 per sq/m

Please enter the number of square meters you require:

4mm Tiles Red sq/m

4mm Tiles White sq/m

4mm Tiles Blue sq/m

4mm Tiles Yellow sq/m

4mm Tiles Orange sq/m

4mm Tiles Green sq/m


5mm Visible Join Tiles

Black and Grey 5mm - £29.99 per sq/m

Please enter the number of square meters you require:

5mm Tiles Black sq/mtiles

5mm Tiles Grey sq/m


Colours 5mm - tiles with dovetail joins which can be used in chequerboard style - £34.99 per sq/m

5mm Tiles Red sq/m

5mm Tiles White sq/m

5mm Tiles Blue sq/m

5mm Tiles Yellow sq/m

5mm Tiles Orange sq/m

5mm Tiles Green sq/m

7mm Hidden Join Tiles



Utilising a hidden locking system to produce an invisible flush joint between tiles, this system is almost watertight, is hard wearing and easy to maintain. Its smooth finish looks like textured leather, is soft and comfortable and available in a variety of colours.

Our most popular tile.

Black and Grey - £38.99 per sq/m

Please enter the number of square meters you require:

7mm Tiles Black sq/m

7mm Tiles Grey sq/m


Other Colours - navy blue, drak green, white, yellow, beige, terracotta - £43.99 per sq/m

7mm Tiles navy blue sq/m

7mm Tiles dark green sq/m

7mm Tiles white sq/m

7mm Tiles Yellow sq/m

7mm Tiles beige sq/m

7mm Tiles terracotta sq/m

Edging strip for the entry to your garage, for the visible join type of tile only, will finish off the job beautifully. Sloped profile. Pack of 2 linear metres, £18.00. Let us know which clour you'd like.  Add to Basket

Hidden Join tiles do not need this as they are square anyway.


PVC Garage Floor Tiles



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