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A full range of protective covers for funeral limousines and hearses

As featured in Funeral Service Times.

funeral cars

Above: Indoor Breathable Cover Mercedes Hearse

Originally working in conjunction with two major manufacturers of funeral limousines and hearses, Eagle Specialist Vehicles and Duffy Coachbodies, we have custom made a range of covers to protect the delicate paint finish of a wider range of oft-washed vehicles. These have been featured in Funeral Service Times.

Our range of patterns now includes:

  • Mercedes E-Class Hearse
  • Mercedes E-Class Limousine (Duffy, Coleman Milne)
  • Mercedes (Binz) Hearse
  • Merc S Class Limousine - Early and Late
  • Mercedes E 211 Duffy. Model WH1834
  • Rover 75 Hearse
  • Daimler DS420 Hearse
  • Coleman Milne Australian Ford Cardinal Hearse and Limousine
  • Coleman Milne Old Granada Hearse and Limousine
  • Ford Fairland, Dorchester, Cardinal Hearse
  • Jaguar Coleman Milne XJ6/8, X3000, X308 Hearse and Limousine
  • Jaguar S-Type, XJ, Daimler Wilcox/Eagle Hearse and Limousine
  • Jaguar XF hearse and Limousine
  • Volvo S70 S80 and S90 Wilcox Hearse and Limousine
  • Vauxhall Omega & Vectra - Hearse and Limousine
  • Rolls Royce and Bentley - most models of Limousine available, some hearse too
  • We have additional patterns for many other manufacturers and conversions by coachbuilders
  • If your funeral vehicle is not listed, please contact as we may have the pattern or be able to obtain it for you



Our best fitting Indoor Covers are a soft breathable peachskin-feel fabric, which is lightly water resistant, in navy/royal and sky blue, charcoal, silver, light grey, red, dark green or black. This Breathable fabric is illustrated above. Other colours available on request. These covers are custom made in the UK for each specific hearse or limousine, and allows for roof rails too.

Outdoor covers come in Grey or Black, dependent upon fabric.


Custom made covers

Custom covers are hand made in England from patterns made on the actual vehicles, so are tailored to fit. Each cover is elasticated at both ends to ensure a snug fit. We make to order and usually despatch within a week.

Please contact us if you have other funeral vehicles as often our existing covers are a very good fit for them or we can modify, or obtain new patterns.

Outdoor covers come with double strength elastic both ends and 2 or 3 underbody clip-in, adjustable straps.


Outdoor cover options:

a) Standard fit grey breathable outdoor covers which fit limousines only


b) Totally waterproof Fluorocoated heavy duty cotton drill fabric, in black, using the patterns for our indoor covers, are custom made to order, prices below. The fabric is chemically coated to repel water and is tough, durable and perfectly fitting. Please enquire for more details and a precise quote on other models, though expect prices to be very similar to those quoted below. Suitable for limousines and hearses - there are no off the shelf hearse covers available in the UK


c) Our new (2024) Fleece-lined Waterproof & Breathable Outdoor fabric is now available for funeral vehicles. These covers are very soft on the inside, quite thick so provide great physical protection, and can be placed on a wet car as moisture will breathe out. Prices on application.


Prices and ordering for coachbuilt cars

Please contact us by phone or e-mail if there is any doubt we may not have what you need, or order using one of the product codes on this page and state the details in the free format box at checkout, or with us by e-mail.

To order, select your vehicle from the CAR COVER DATABASE here:


Our Custom Range

Custom-made Outdoor Waterproof Hearse and Funeral Limousine covers available in black

funeral cars funeral cars

Above: Outdoor Waterproof Fluorocoated Covers for hearse and limo

Made to measure in totally waterproof Fluorocoated heavy duty cotton drill, with 3 underbody straps and double strength elastic both ends, these are the only fully waterproof custom covers available in the UK. The fabric sheds water in silver droplets although seams may let in a small amount of water in prolonged heavy storms. Colours: black.


They use the patterns for our indoor covers, and are made to order inside a week.

For other vehicles we are delighted to provide a custom quote.


Ordering – select the size from below and use the free-format box at checkout to state your vehicle details, or select your vehicle from the DATABASE above:


Outdoor Waterproof Limousine

Fluoro-Limo £529.00 Add to basket

Outdoor Waterproof Hearse

Fluoro-Hearse £599.00 Add to basket


Custom-made Peachskin Indoor Covers


Our Peachskin Breathable Indoor cover, which is also suitable for occasional outdoor use, as it is shower resistant, is available in a choice of colours. The database above illustrates the colour examples. All patterns now have separate mirror pockets.


The fabric is soft and non-scratch, with elasticated hems at both ends and optional underbody straps. They will keep out dust and insects, fitting snugly around spoilers and wing mirrors with custom made pockets. The fabric is light shower resistant, so ideal for show cars or those needing outside protection on the odd occasion, but they are not fully waterproof and not intended for prolonged outdoor use.

They will resist frost, mist and a light shower.

They are fully machine washable, light and easy to put on.

funeral cars

Above: Indoor Breathable Peachskin Cover on Mercedes Hearse (code Merc-H-Black)


Ordering – select the size and colour from below and use the free-format box at checkout to state your vehicle details, or select your vehicle from the DATABASE above:


Limousine Black

Peach-Limo-Black £269.00 Add to basket

Limousine Blue

Peach-Limo-Blue £269.00 Add to basket

Hearse Black

Peach-Hearse-Black £299.00 Add to basket

Hearse Blue

Peach-Hearse-Blue £299.00 Add to basket


Our Standard Range

Bentley SIC Plus Logo

Above: Soft Indoor cover on Bentley limousine

Standard Fit Indoor Covers – for most funeral limousines


We can also provide standard fit brushed pale blue (only) polycotton covers, also elasticated both ends with protected zips to enable vehicle access both sides, for vehicles up to 18’ 9” feet (5.65 m) in length. From stock. Not available for hearse as they are too tall - see Peachskin custom covers above.


Ordering – add to basket below and use the free-format box at checkout to state your vehicle details, or select your vehicle from the DATABASE above:


Indoor Cover - limousine

SIC- F £145.00 Add to basket


Standard Fit Outdoor Breathable Covers - for most funeral limousines


Made from a lightweight light grey breathable material that is 90-95% waterproof, these covers allow paintwork to breathe and can thus be placed on a wet vehicle. These standard fit covers are elasticated both ends with under body straps too. From stock.


Ordering – add to basket below and use the free-format box at checkout to state your vehicle details, or select your vehicle from the DATABASE above:


Outdoor Breathable Cover - Limousine only

LSR-G £149.00 Add to basket
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