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Frequently asked questions (and answers)

Do you do standard fit indoor covers in any colour other than powder blue?
Yes, we do our off the shelf Soft Stretch covers in red,navy blue, black and grey. These are priced from only £129. They particularly suit sports cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus and TVR.

We also make great value custom Peachskin covers with mirror pockets for over 300 different cars from £145, and also covers for hearses & funeral limousines. We can also provide covers for 4x4 and MPVs.

How do your cotton/polyester indoor covers compare to nylon covers?
As with using sponges to wash cars, cheap nylon covers don’t provide anywhere for dirt on your paintwork to go except to remain on the surface of the cover and produce scratches. All our indoor covers have a weave that gives depth to allow particles to move away from the surface of your car under pressure. Our Custom Made covers are thick, fleecy lined and multi-layered. None will make your car sweat as they are all breathable, unlike nylon.

Can you add a logo to my cover?
Yes, IF its a non-copyright logo.

So we can add manufacturers brand logos if you are authorised to use them ie Franchised Dealership or their appointed marketing agency. If not, we can add model numbers, number plates, car names etc. Independent dealers logos can of course be added as well as messages such as 'Ready to go home now' etc.

As a heat transfer logo is used, artwork can be quite complex, so see what we can do ! Cost is £30.

What colours do indoor custom covers come in?
There are 16 colours with an additional choice of piping, contrasting or matching, from the same palette, like the examples around this site.Peachskin covers are available in around 12 colours, see the database if this type is offered for your car as new colours are arriving all the time. Please contact us if your car is relatively mainstream as we may undertake to make a pattern for it.

How do you accommodate spoilers, bodykits, mobile phone or radio aerials on Custom Covers and Peachskin covers?
We produce thousands of custom covers every year so have precise cutting templates for thousands of cars. We assume your car is standard based on the model you give us.There is free format space on the order form on the checkout system for additional features. If you have anything non-standard or wish to e-mail us photos, please feel free to do so. We want to get your cover right first time.

What do you recommend for cars mostly kept indoors but which may sometimes need covering outdoors, or in car ports?
Breatheable covers are best here – they enable a cover to be placed on a damp car outside, and will keep dust off and prevent scratch risks indoors. The Protector4 covers come in a bag which is also ideal for touring.

Will Breatheable or Waterproof & Breathable covers protect my car from UV, tree sap, bird droppings and acid rain?
Yes, in a nutshell. The black outdoor covers are tough and durable but will fade under strong UV, just like any other dyed fabric. Breatheable Protector4 covers are around 95% waterproof, are grey anyway so wont fade, and any minor water ingress runs away or is evaporated back out again.

Do you do outdoor Breatheable or Waterproof & Breathable covers in any colour other than grey and black?
Sorry, the material is only available to us in these colours.

Will outdoor covers blow off my car?
They are attached with strong elasticated ends plus 2 or more straps with push fit buckles under the car. In only exceptional gales will there be any possibility the cover could ride up but it is highly unlikely to blow away. Custom covers and Breathable & Waterproof covers are an even better fit, and their wing mirror pockets on Custom covers provide additional anchoring points, keeping the cover closer to the bodywork. if you live in an especially windy location consider adding a Covercraft Gust Guard (available from us) to provide additional achorages at each end for minimal cost.

Can my outdoor cover be stolen?
We offer cable locks for outdoor covers at £12 inc. VAT for additional security. Ideal for cars kept covered on the streets in big cities.

What if my cover tears?
Covers should provide many years of service, especially indoor covers, and all our covers are guaranteed for 12 months. We’ll provide a repair kit free of charge outside that period on reasonable request.

How quickly will my cover come?
Orders for standard fit covers placed before 1pm are usually delivered next day. For logos allow a few days extra, for Custom Indoor covers please let us know how urgent your requirement is, but we aim to deliver in 3 weeks. Peach and Fluorocoated covers can be delivered inside a week. Please provide a delivery address where someone can take a signed for delivery for all orders.

How can I show my parking permit on an Outdoor cover ?

We can provide a kit which allows you to cut a hole in the cover so your parking permit is visible through a clear plastc window. These are £5 each, and are approx 15cm square. You can find them on our Half Covers page.

Race Glaze Water Filter Calculator

Use this handy calculator to see how many litres of pure water your local supply will give you and how many rinses will result from diffeent sizes of the market-leading Race Glaze car washing water filters. Your water board website should tell you the hardness. (Race Glaze is our sister company).

Output Calculator for Filter

Enter water hardness here: litres (approx)

Example water hardnesses:

  • Central Birmingham - 80 ppm
  • Outer Birmingham, Kent - 270 ppm
  • London - 280 ppm
  • Southampton/Portsmouth - 320 ppm
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