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Mercedes car covers for indoor & outdoor protection

Wherever you keep your Mercedes you need to protect it from knocks, scrapes, dust, damp, birds and the elements. If you've invested time and money in making your car look its best, you want it to stay that way. We supply standardised fit or custom covers to suit every type of Mercedes-Benz.

Custom made waterproof (Fluorocoated) outdoor carcovers for Mercedes SLC, SLS, A-Class, C-Class Black Edition

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Indoor Covers

Soft Stretch Indoor Covers

Made from extremely soft 4-way stretch polyester/lycra blend with elasticated hems front and back, and supplied in their own zipped bag manufactured from the same colour fabric, these highly popular will flatter any car. They are popular with car dealerships, storage companies, collectors and individual owners alike.

They are dust proof due to a high density weave, are machine washable and lightweight. These covers are breathable, which is important to prevent moisture build up and paint problems. We can add your choice of logo for £30. Their exterior satin sheen looks superb and they come in a choice of colours and sizes. The inside is very soft and won’t scratch even Concours paintwork. The fabric is premium grade - 220gsm satin blended with Lycra. Beware other similar looking covers at only 180gsm or less, for similar prices.

Red soft stretch cover on Mercedes CLC Red soft stretch cover on Mercedes CLC Black soft stretch cover


Custom-made Indoor Covers

Our premium individually hand made to order Custom indoor Covers have pockets for wing mirrors, spoilers, and wings etc.

Custom indoor covers are made in your choice of colours and you can choose matching or contrasting piping. The thick, fleecy fabric will not scratch your car and provides for maximum impact protection. The weight and quality of this fabric is like a high quality sweatshirt, with a small element of stretch too, for a figure hugging look.

Choose a contrasting or matching colour for piping. Each cover is supplied in a roomy, durable duffel bag for storage. Manufacture takes approx. 3 weeks from order.

Colours available: Red, Black, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, British Racing Green, Emerald Green, White, Champagne, Burgundy and Dark Wine.

Custom Indoor Cover on Mercedes G-Wagen Custom Indoor Cover Custom Indoor Cover


Custom-made Peachskin Indoor Covers

The new, mid-price alternative is our Peachskin Breathable Indoor cover, which is also suitable for occasional outdoor use, as it is shower resistant. Priced from £145, in a choice of colours. See the database to order where colour examples will be illustrated. All patterns now have separate mirror pockets.

The fabric is soft and non-scratch, with elasticated hems at both ends and optional underbody straps. They will keep out dust and insects, fitting snugly around spoilers and wing mirrors with custom made pockets. The fabric is light shower resistant, so ideal for show cars or those needing outside protection on the odd occasion, but they are not fully waterproof and not intended for prolonged outdoor use. They will resist frost, mist and a light shower. They are fully machine washable, light and easy to put on.

Colours available: Red, Black, Silver, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Sand, Bottle Green, Bright Green, Orange and White

Red Custom Peachskin Black Custom Peachskin Grey Custom Peachskin Red Peachskin with AMG logo

Outdoor Covers

Waterproof and Breathable Outdoor Covers

We have supplied these new technology covers since 2012 and our many customers have been very satisfied that they have delivered the superb performance that our fabric technologists promised.

The Holy Grail for car covers has always been breathability to allow paintwork to avoid sweating, discolouration, and growth of algae, and 100% waterproofness to keep your car completely dry.

These breathable covers can be put on a wet car, whereas a waterproof one cannot. A cover that offers both features is the most flexible cover you can buy. This is that cover – its the best off the shelf cover we can find.

If your car is wet after a drive out you can put the cover on – moisture already on it will breathe back out, and new rain, snow or sleet will not penetrate it. Even in an all day torrential downpour, your car will stay totally dry. Likewise, bird mess, tree sap and rain-borne industrial effluent will also be locked out. Your car will become dry, or remain dry, if the cover was applied dry.

Its wetsuit technology fabric is stretchy, like neoprene, and its many standard sizes will fit almost any car, 4x4 and MPV, and look made for your model. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.

Standard colour is Black. Grey is available at a premium of £25-30. The Ultima4 even has an additonal 4th layer, a soft flece lining, to further cosset your car.

Add a cable lock for £12 Add To Basket



Ultima4 Fleece-lined:

Select a Custom Made waterproof and breathable cover here:

Waterproof & Breathable Waterproof & Breathable on Mercedes SL Grey Waterproof & Breathable on SL R107 Grey Waterproof & Breathable on SL R107 Black Waterproof & Breathable on SL R107


Protector-4 Breathable Outdoor Covers - 4 Layer

The Protector4 covers are similar to the 3 layer covers but have an additional 4th layer over the Breathable Outdoor Cover, a soft fleece lining to cosset your paintwork. A strong or persistent downpour will eventually see some moisture seep through but it will breathe back out. These covers are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Please note they are not 100% waterproof.

They are made with welded seams and have 2 thick1” nylon underbody clip-in straps to secure them as well as strong elastic each end. Supplied with a carry bag. Well worth the small premium over the 3 layer cover in our opinion.

Add a cable lock for £12 Add To Basket

Protector-4 on SL AMG Protector-4 Cover Protector-4 Cover Protector-4 Cover


100% Waterproof Flurocoated Outdoor Covers

This remarkable heavy cotton fabric is ‘fluorocoated’ with an advanced Nano-technology treatment which actively repels water, even at the volumes running from an open hose or tap. Proven on cars in monsoon climates such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the cold winters of Canada and dust of the Gulf.

So your car remains totally dry no matter what the weather - monsoon rain, snow, ice and frost do not penetrate it. These covers keep your car totally pristine, also protected from heat, UV and dust.

Each cover is custom made to order with mirror, spoiler and aerial pockets and comes with double strength heavy duty elastic at the front and back to keep it on even in windy locations, and 2 further nylon webbing straps which clip in the middle. Production time can be as little as 3 days, we even hold some in stock.

These waterproof custom outdoor covers are guaranteed for 12 months, with a total life of at least 5 years. Hand made in the UK in our factory so we can offer a repair service too.

These covers solve the problem of being the colour you want and suitable for all year round use, keeping your car totally dry while looking good. There are no other coloured totally waterproof model-specific covers on the UK market to our knowledge.

Cars should be dry when the cover is applied to prevent moisture being trapped, but a short period presents no issues.

All covers now have mirror pockets included.

Multi-colour 100% Waterproof Cover on A Class AMG 100% Waterproof Cover on 500 SEL Black Flurocoated car cover on C Class


Waterproof Half Covers

If you don’t want a full size car cover but do want to save time on winter mornings scraping your windscreen, or want to keep tree sap, branches, leaves, cats and bird muck off a cabriolet, saloon, sports, MPV or 4x4, this is the answer.

They are very durable and a great way to protect your vehicle from frost, and are heatproof to help keep the interior cool during the summer. Our half covers include wing mirror pockets for easy fitting and elastic front and rear straps to help secure the cover to your vehicle. They are available for sports, saloons, hatchbacks, 4x4 and also estate vehicles. One colour, a sensible silvery grey.

Half cover Half cover Half cover


Mat Sets

Custom Made Mats

We have been supplying custom made sets of car floor mats in any colour, with matching or contrasting edging, to specifically suit any car, for a number of years. They're British made from high quality deep pile carpet, foam backed, tough and durable. They feel luxurious - these are not thin carpets, these are delighting owners of prestige high performance cars throughout the UK.

Select your car model to customise your mat set:

Royal Blue Custom Mats


Car Cover Database

To choose the correct size cover for your car, please select from the main database below.

For models not listed please phone or e-mail us.

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