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Custom Outdoor 100% Waterproof Car Covers            

This remarkable heavy cotton fabric is 'fluorocoated' with an advanced Nano-technology treatment which actively repels water, even at the volumes running from an open hose or tap. Originally requested to protect a collection of priceless marble and metal sculptures, it has since been proven on cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghini in monsoon climates such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the cold winters of Canada and dust of the Middle East.

Custom Outdoor 100% Waterproof car covers

So your car remains totally dry no matter what the weather - monsoon rain, snow, ice and frost do not penetrate it. These covers keep your car totally pristine, also protected from heat, UV and dust.

Each cover is custom made to order with mirror, spoiler and aerial pockets and comes with double strength heavy duty elastic at the front and back to keep it on even in windy locations, and 2 further nylon webbing straps which clip in the middle. Production time can be as little as 3 days, we even hold some in stock.

Just to say that the cover was delivered earlier this week. We have tried it on & it looks great !

R Cator. Custom Waterproof cover for Mercedes C-Class Estate, July 2015

These waterproof custom outdoor covers are guaranteed for 12 months, with a total life of at least 5 years. Hand made in the UK in our factory so we can offer a repair service too.

BRG WaterproofThese covers solve the problem of being the colour you want and suitable for all year round use, keeping your car totally dry while looking good. There are no other coloured totally waterproof model-specific covers on the UK market to our knowledge.
Cars should be dry when the cover is applied to prevent moisture being trapped, but a short period presents no issues.

New patterns are added all the time, so contact us if your car is not listed. We currently offer covers for most Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Maserati, Lamborghini and Jensen models. Please check our database below.

  • Fabric: fluorocoated single ply tough cotton drill fabric. Not breathable. 100% waterproof.
  • Fixings: strong elastic to wheel centres from both ends, plus 2 tough nylon clip-in underbody straps
  • Styling: wing mirror pockets included on most models, close fitting all round
  • Colours: Only available in black
  • Fabric Waterproof levels: 100%. Seams are double stitched which may let in a tiny amount of water in storms, which will drain away under the cover
  • Dustproofness levels: 100%
  • Suitable for: outdoors worldwide, indoors worldwide, especially good for convertibles or leaky older cars/projects
  • Cleaning: shake or wash with car shampoo and sponge whilst on car, rinse and leave to dry.
  • Price: from £299.00 inc. VAT

Custom Outdoor 100% Waterproof car covers

Custom waterproof blue outdoor car cover for Porsche 944

Custom made totally waterproof outdoor Ferrari covers

Three images above show custom outdoor waterproof cover for Ferrari F430 16M. Pattern updated now with mirror pockets.

Custom made waterproof (Fluorocoated) outdoor carcovers for Mercedes SLC, SLS, A-Class, C-Class Black Edition.

Multi-coloured covers with different coloured panels can be produced at no extra charge.

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