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Moltex Car Covers

We have a limited range of the well respected Moltex outdoor car covers range at special prices.

Moltex covers offer a brilliant combination of quality, weather protection, durability and fit at affordable prices. Keeps rain, snow, frost, bird mess, leaves, tree sap and dirt off your car all year round. Keeps it away from prying eyes too. Offers good physical protection from scrapes, dents and scuffs due to padded nature of the 5 layer fabric.

Manufactured from a 5-layer breathable and highly water-resistant material, with a soft fleece interior layer, Moltex covers are tailored to provide a close fit on vehicles of most sizes and body styles.

Layers 1, 2 and 3 build a soft and smooth inner lining it its thick fleec ehelps absrob light knocks and bumps

Layer 4 is a micro-perforated membrane which ensures breathability to water vapour but preventing liquid water ingress

Layer 5 is a robust UV-resistant layer in a discrete light grey colour


Moltex outdoor car cover


The range includes 30 shapes and sizes to protect your car, and includes ready made covers for awkward shapes such as SUVs, VW Beetles, hatchbacks and Prewar saloons. Most off the shelf cover types struggle with the height of such cars.



  • 5 layer fabric with soft inner layer. In the middle is the breathable membrane, sandwiched between soft fibre layers and the top/outer water resistant layer, and against the car, the soft fleece
  • Fully breathable, preventing condensation
  • Can be applied to a wet car
  • double stitched and welded seams for superior waterproofness
  • elasticated  front and rear to keep it snug against bodywork
  • two underbody straps which keep the cover in place even in strong wind
  • supplied in a bag
  • Please contact us if your vehicle doesn't seem to be catered for and we can advise.

    Select your Moltex Car Cover size and logo here:

    Logo options :

    We are unable to print copyright manufacturer logos on covers unless you are a Franchised Dealership & assign the right to print the logo of the manufacturer you represent on the covers we supply. By doing so you indemnify us against action by said manufacturer.

    MT-F Saloon 4XL (575x185x150cm) £199.00 Add to basket
    MTHBL Hatchback M (445x185x150cm) £169.00 Add to basket
    MTHBS Hatchback XS (380x160x140cm) £149.00 Add to basket
    MTL7 Lotus/caterham7 (370x155x115cm) £149.00 Add to basket
    MTPWL Prewar with boot XL (490x175x185cm) £189.00 Add to basket
    MTPWXS Prewar with boot S (395x140x160cm) £169.00 Add to basket
    MTVW Classic Beetle (415x160x150cm) £159.00 Add to basket

    Supertex Car Covers

    Supertex car covers carcovers car cover indoor carport dust tight blue red green

    We've acquired a substantial number of SuperTex soft indoor car covers at advantageous prices which we can pass onto you.

    SuperTex is a fully synthetic padded fabric that offers 100% dust protection and a high level of moisture exclusion, so is suitable for use in open barns and car ports, as well as occasional totally open use such as on trips or overnight stays. The fabric is non-absorbent to moisture, so unlike cotton covers, old sheets and blankets, you're not holding moisture against paintwork which can create microblisters.

    It comes with a soft inner lining to cosset your paintwork, and provides good protection against scrapes and scuffs when in confined, multi-use spaces such as garages and car parks.

    The "Supertex®" fabric has been specially developed for these car covers. Thanks to the unique combination of three different layers it meets all the requirements of a good cover:


    1. the inner layer is an extremely soft - an effective non-scratch lining

    2. the middle layer is a microperforated material ensuring breathability

    3. the outer layer makes the cover dirt and dust proof, and provides a tough, water repellent finish.

      Supertex car cover carcovers fabric



  • Fully breathable
  • Choice of colour – red, blue or green
  • Shaped to fit with many body styles available off the shelf
  • Supplied in a bag
  • We offer the addition of a marque or your own personal bespoke logo for these covers.

    Select your Supertex Car Cover size, colour and logo here:

    STA Saloon S (405x155x130cm)
    STA1R Saloon XS (370x155x137cm)
    STB Saloon M (425x155x150cm)
    STC Saloon L (460x165x150cm)
    STD Saloon XL (485x175x150cm)
    STE Saloon 3XL (530x175x150cm)
    STF Saloon 5XL (575x185x150cm)
    STHM Hatchback M (420x175x150cm)
    STP 911 to 993 Porsche (430x165x135cm)
    STPWL Prewar with boot XL (490x175x185cm)
    STRR RR Shadow (550x195x165cm)
    STSS Sportscar S (410x155x125cm)

    These custom made indoor covers are made in Italy for the specific cars listed with a '*' on the Home page.

    They are soft, slightly stretchy with matching piping and offered at a substantial discount. Below are examples of the colour and style. These are one-offs, when they're gone, thats it.


    Moltex Supertex
    Discount Stretch
    Aston Martin
    Mercedes Benz
    British Classics
    Rolls-Royce & Bentley
    Caravan Covers
    Motorhome Covers
    Drum Kit Satin Dust Covers
    Flag Reveal Satin Covers