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Comparison of dehumidifiers for car storage

Feature Meaco DD8L/Junior Meaco Zambezi  Meaco 10L
Low temperature extraction rate 8 litre/day Up to 8.3 litres per day Up to 10 litres per day
Type Adsorbtion dehumidifier Adsorbtion dehumidifier CFC free R134a compressor dehumidifier
Applications 5 bedroomed homes, large unheated garages, workshops, conservatories 5 bed homes, garages - full auto feature 5 bed homes, garages - full auto feature
Temperature Independent? Yes. Operates 1-40 degrees Yes. Operates 1-37 degrees Operates 5-35 degrees

Power consumption

(at 15p/unit)

0 / 30 / 330 / 650W
0p/0.5p/5p/10p per hr

45 / 350 / 660w

0.6p/5p/10p per hour
183w at 20 degrees.  3.9p/hr
Tank capacity 2.5 litre built in, auto cut-off, permanent drain hose 3 litres. Water tank full alarm, auto cut-off 2 litres, water tank full alarm
Noise level 29dBA at low fan speed 41-50dBA Max 46 dBA (very quiet)
Adjustable range humidistat 40%, 50%, 60% Variable 40-70% humidistat control in 5% steps Electronic humidistat
Fan speeds 3 3 1
Airflow 100 cu m per hour 85-150 cu m per hour Up to 88 cu/m per hour
Continuous drain option? yes, hose supplied Yes, hose supplied Yes, hose supplied
Filters Active carbon filter for high quality filtration and odour removal Anti-bacterial filter & coated tank Yes
Auto cut-off if tipped over? yes yes no
Timer Up to 8 hours On/Off & Daily Run n/a
Carrying Integral fold-down handle Integral fold-down handle Integral fold-down handle
Net weight 6.4kg 7.8 kg 8.75 kg
Dimensions 35w x 18d x 50h cm 36w x 20d x 55h cm 30w x 18d x 43h cm
Warranty 12 months 12 months 12 months
Our opinion Junior - best for garages, boats. DD8L best for homes. Premium machine for domestic use, businesses Super quiet. For heated home/office use.
Price £164.99/£194.99 £239.99  £99.99
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