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Touchless Car Cover

The TOUCHLESS CAR COVER is the most revolutionary car cover ever. Unlike a traditional car cover, it will take seconds to put the TOUCHLESS CAR COVER on your vehicle or take it off. No longer will dust and dirt get on your well taken care of car because of a dirty traditional car cover.

The TOUCHLESS CAR COVER is simply amazing, built from latest outdoor materials and ideal for:

  • Concours enthusiasts - put your car away on site the day before, work on it in the rain,
  • indoor storage - drive in and out, saving time
  • outdoor summer storage of classics - you can drive a wet or dirty car straight in
  • race cars in the paddock - keeps open cars dry and provides a workplace
  • valeters - carry on working when it rains without cumbersome and heavy pop-ups

Touchless Car Cover

NO STOCK TILL JAN 2020 £329.00 Add to basket

Touchless Car Cover (Deposit)

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2nd October 2020 - Touchless Car Cover is out of stock due to a break in production. The earliest we expect stock is end December 2020, but have no confirmed date yet. We have an order placed and will accept pre-orders, which we advise customers to make. If you await us posting up that we have stock, there may be a rush and another wait necessary. No stock is available anywhere worldwide. We advise that you either place a deposit or contact us so we can get in touch when we have a definitive delivery date. We may find our first delivery is sold out within days....

It's UV 50+ rating will save your interior from the harmful effects of the sun. The TOUCHLESS CAR COVER can be used both indoors and outdoors, though best to avoid exposed or windy locations. It pops up in seconds with integral marine-grade fibreglass ribs.

Best of all, this remarkable hand assembled car cover costs about the same or less than a traditional quality car cover. By protecting your pride and joy you will recover the cost many times over at resale.
The bottom line - this is not your father’s car cover !

Whilst the US website makes the point that these were designed for indoor use only, we have sold well over 100 in the UK and know of very few used exclusively indoors. We even have pictures of them with several inches of snow on, so consider them perfectly suitable for outdoor use too. Here is an image supplied by a happy customer after heavy rain.

The Cover is fab, rain just falls off it, even my wife who was none too pleased to hear I bought another car and planned to keep it on the drive under a cover, says it looks really nice and almost high tech.

R Rhogar, Feb. 2016

  •  Easy storage
  • Universal front / rear entry
  • 16'4"  / 4.98m long
  • Height/width adjustable
  • Ease of use - folds into own bag 4 ft dia. x 4 inches !
  • Steel cable and padlock supplied
  • No damaged paint due to scratches from dust and dirt
  • No dirty and smudged windows
  • High rated UV coating
  • Single colour, single size
  • Access to car with cover in place through zips both sides
  • Applied water proofing agent
  • Designed by “car guys” - the great American collector Jay Leno said 'boy is this a cool product'
  • No metal parts to rust or corrode
  • Can be used for more than one car in your collection
  • Drive in/out
  • Adjust height (up to 6 ft) with straps at ground level to give height to work in
  • Download list of 2008/2009 cars compatible with Touchless Car Cover. Our product will fit sports cars, estates, wagons and coupes that are 196" (16'4" / 4.98m) and shorter. [Download]


  • Aston Martin up to DB7, DB9, DBS and V8
  • BMW up to 6 series
  • Bentley Continental
  • Ferrari up to 599, F430
  • Lamborghini up to Murcielago
  • Mercedes to SL, E-Class
  • Porsche all models except Cayenne
  • Volvo - even the V70 estate and XC70 !

The above is a selection of modern cars - the Touchless Car Cover is perfect for classics !

Touchless Car Cover

  £329.00 Add to basket

Returns policy: These covers are packedespecially tightly into the box and can never be returned to the original packing size. Thus, once fully opened they cannot be returned for full refund, returns will only be accepted less a 25% restocking fee and for pristine covers only. Please check your driveway location and space before opening the cover. Boxed covers in original packaging can be returned.

Video of Touchless Car Cover in action on Porsche 911

Gallery - Select an image to view detail.

Touchless Car Cover on 1956 Mercedes 190SL
Straps which adjust width/height   1 of 8 straps to secure TCC to car   Ferrari F355 under TCC


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